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Adobe Creative Cloud for home use

Adobe Creative Cloud is now available for home use for Champlain faculty and staff. The cost is $9.75/year. The normal education discount is $19.95/month. This software subscription is for 1-year and you will have to renew it annually for as long as Champlain’s license includes this option. Kivuto, the company that provides e-delivery services for Adobe will contact you when it’s time to renew and give you the opportunity to opt out if you wish. This offer is not for use on college owned computers, as they are covered under a different license. If you would like Adobe applications on your Champlain-owned computer, please contact ChampSupport.To Sign Up

  1. First, you’ll need an Adobe ID to complete the transaction. If you don’t already have one, go to adobe.com, select sign in (top right) and select “Don’t have an Adobe ID?”
  2. You’ll also need to create an account on champlain.onthehub.com. Go to “Sign In” at the top and then “Register”. Use your Champlain email address anytime you’re asked for an email address. Afterward, they will send an email to your champlain.edu address to confirm that you qualify for this offer. Use the Faculty/Staff and Adobe tabs to find the item to purchase.
  3. After you complete the purchase you’ll be provided a redemption code that you will have 31 days to redeem.

This service is provided by a third party. If you have questions regarding your transaction please refer to the help resources on their site here. If you cannot resolve your issue, contact champsupport@champlain.edu.

Updated on April 9, 2018

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