Connecting to WIFI on campus

Champlain faculty, staff and students can now use the wireless network “Champlain” from anywhere on the Champlain College campus. This network is restricted to those with Champlain accounts and requires authentication with those credentials. To connect to this network:

Windows 10 using a Champlain computer:

Click on the Wifi icon by the clock:

selecting Champlain network in windows 10

Select “Champlain”

Enter your Champlain user name and password.


Click on the WiFi icon by the clock

Select “Champlain”

Enter your Champlain User Name and Password:

selecting champlain network from mac wifi listing

wifi network credentials dialog on mac

You may be prompted to Verify the security Certificate. Click Continue and enter the password and username for your Mac:

verify certificate dialog on mac

certificate/trust settings change dialog


In Settings Select Wi-Fi

Choose the “Champlain” Network.

Enter your user name and password.

selecting Champlain network from ios wifi networks

entering password in ios


Select Settings

Forget old wifi networks such as facstaff or student

Join Champlain

Enter your Champlain credentials:

certificate details on windows 10

wifi network details on android

Updated on August 29, 2018

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