How to manage members of Google Groups


This document describes how to manage the membership list of Google Groups. Owners of Google Groups can add and remove members themselves without having to ask the Information Systems team to do it (though we’re always happy to help!).
To access Google Groups, just click at the top of your Gmail or other Google Apps window, and then click Groups:

Manage Google Groups

Next you’ll see your Google Groups home screen. Notice that for any groups you manage, you will have a link to manage the group.

Manage Google Groups

Adding Members

There are 2 methods for adding new members to your group Invite members and Direct add members. They vary in whether or not the member has to consent to joining the group or not.

Invite members

When you use Invite Members, members are sent an invitation to join, but they must consent before they are added to the group.

  1. Enter their email addresses in the first box.
  2. In the second box, write a message describing the group and with any information they may need about the group. The invitation message is required.

Manage Google Groups

You can see the status of any pending invitations, by clicking on “Outstanding Invites”. Resend or revoke the invitation by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the invitee’s name and click the appropriate button about the list.

Manage Google Groups

Direct add members

When you use Direct add members, members are added to the list immediately without having to ask for their consent.

  1. Enter their email addresses in the first box.
  2. In the second box, you can write a welcome message that they will receive as soon as you add them to the group. If you do not put anything in the welcome message area, no message will be sent.
  3. Configure the members initial subscription options. Members will be able to change this setting themselves later.

Manage Google Groups

Removing Members

To remove members from the group, go to All members, click on the user you wish to remove, and select Remove from group from the Actions menu.

Manage Google Groups

For More Information

For more information, check out Google’s Groups documentation here:

Updated on April 9, 2018

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