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This information is intended to inform users as to the appropriate and proper methods to install and connect to the OpenVPN server,, at Champlain College. Most questions about this document should be directed to your instructor. If necessary the Helpdesk ( can be contacted for technical assistance.

Mole and the OpenVPN software it hosts is to be used for gaining access to digital forensic software licensing. It provides a connection back to the campus, directly to the licensing server It doesn’t provide any other access.

Windows Install

  1. Navigate to and log in with your Champlain credentials.

Mole VPN login

If you’ve not installed OpenVPN Connect you’ll be prompted, click the link. This will prompt a download of this file: openvpn-connect-x.x.x.x.msi.

Download list


Install the application.

You should have the openvpn icon in your task bar now and be able to click on it to get the connect menu.  From there you can choose -> Connect.

Connect menu

If you don’t see the task bar icon you can find the openvpn icon in your start menu.  Both methods should result in the connect window where you can log in.

Connect window

When you log in you’ll be prompted to allow the connection. Select yes.

OpenVPN Warning

The browser can be closed and the application will continue to run in the system tray. To disconnect open the system tray and right click on the OpenVPN icon. Click “Discconnect”

Disconnect from OpenVPN screen

Updated on July 13, 2018

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