Phone Agent Queue Instructions

Previously you were using the “Cisco Agent Desktop” application to work with the phone queues. After the upgrade on December 29th/30th this program will no longer work. The program will be deprecated in later releases so at this time it is necessary to move to the new web based queue program. This document provides some basic information to get you started with the new interface.

Where to Login

Using Chrome or Internet Explorer on your Champlain machine is the best option. Firefox will work but you will have to accept multiple certificate errors during login. You can use either of these two links to get to the new interface:

Logging In

Fill in the fields as indicated below and then click “Sign In”:

Phone Agent Queue Instructions

Setting “Ready” to handle calls

Click on the “Not Ready” in the upper left and then click on “Ready” underneath it.

Phone Agent Queue Instructions

To turn off “Ready” mode, simply reverse those steps. Remember you need to select “Not Ready” again before clicking to sign out.You are now ready to take calls, you can use the various tabs on the screen to navigate and work with the calls.


If you are setup as a Supervisor you will see a screen similar to this one:

Phone Agent Queue

Updated on June 26, 2018

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