Taking your Google data with you

Much of the content students create while at Champlain College is stored in the variety of Google cloud services associated with their mymail.champlain.edu email. This account will remain active for ONE YEAR following graduation. After one year, this data will no longer be accessible. If students wish to retain access to this information, it may be downloaded from the cloud using a Google service called Takeout. To access this feature go to takeout.google.com.

Once you are on the Takeout page, scroll down to select the items you wish to download. It is recommended that you do not download ALL of the data in this account at once as this may be a cumbersome and unnecessary volume of information. Choose “Deselect All” first and then scroll down to choose the specific data you wish to retain. You may run Takeout multiple times if you wish to create another backup or believe you missed something:

When you have chosen the data you wish to backup, scroll to the bottom and click NEXT STEP to continue:

You may now modify the delivery method and the details of how the file will be exported. The default of 2GB and .zip are recommended as they should be accessible from the widest range of devices. Click CREATE EXPORT to proceed. If what you have selected contains a large volume of data, this export process may take a long time: 

When the export process is complete, the data should be available in the location you have selected. The image below shows data contained in Street View exported into a .zip file and now available for download:

Example of the email you would receive:

Takeout archive manager:

Clicking the Download button will copy this .zip file from Google’s server to the local computer. In Google Chrome, clicking the Download button will download the .zip file and place a link to that file at the bottom of the browser window as shown below:

If you have questions about this process or would like some more guidance on how to work with this data, contact the helpdesk at champsupport@champlain.edu

Updated on April 27, 2020

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