Virtual desktop access for faculty and staff

VDI overview

FacStaff Remote Access VMs

  • Have basic Fac/Staff software installed (what you would find on a normal desktop)
  • Are used by folks requiring remote access to Informer and Datatel services
  • Currently 25 VMs available
  • VM is non-persistent (Changes made to the desktop and local machines don’t persist between sessions)

Accessing the virtual desktop

There are 2 ways to connect to the virtual desktop. The recommended method is to install the Horizon client on the device that you are using to connect. The second option is to use your browser to directly connect to the desktop but the installable client provides the best connection and most features.

There is a client available for most operating systems and devices. You can find the client for your device here.

Connecting with the Horizon client

After the client is installed, add a New Server and enter as the connection server, then click Connect.

Log in with your Champlain credentials and you will be presented with the virtual desktops available to you.

If you have two monitors and wish to use both, right click on the desktop navigate to Display and choose All Monitors.

Double click the virtual desktop you wish to use and you should be connected to it once it loads.

Logging Into VMWare Horizon View with HTML Access

You can also access the virtual desktops via your browser although using the installable client is the recommended method.

If you wish to use your browser, navigate to and click the link for VMware Horizon HTML Access.

Enter your Champlain username and password and click log in. You will be presented with the virtual desktops that are available to you.

Click on the desktop that you wish to launch and you will be logged into the virtual desktop using your browser. It should look something like below:

Updated on October 22, 2020

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