Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a service that provides video conferencing, screen sharing and messaging across many devices.  

You can download Zoom here.

Tutorials are available on Zoom’s website here

Upgrading your Zoom license:

If you have already set up a Zoom account and have received the email below:

Click the “Approve the Request” button from the email to start the process. This should launch a browser window with the following: 

If you have an existing account, you will be prompted with this message asking if you would like to switch. Once you click “I Acknowledge and Switch” the process of migrating your account to a Champlain account will begin. 

This might take a few minutes. Once it is complete you can launch Zoom:

Sign in now by clicking “Sign In”.

Choose “Sign In with Google”.

Now select your Champlain Google account.

Selecting “Open Zoom Meetings” should now launch Zoom with your new account.

Updated on August 24, 2020

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